FRP Cable Tray

FRP/GRP cable tray combines the stiffness of metal cable trays with the toughness of GRP cable trays, as well as excellent corrosion and ageing resistance. It has a wide range of applications in the petroleum, chemical, electric, and light industries, as well as in television and telecommunications.

JSK Enterprises offers GRP cable tray with high mechanical strength. It has a lovely appearance, is easy to install, and has a long service life. Epoxy resin cable trays and epoxy resin composite cable trays can withstand harsh corrosive environments, long spans, and heavy loads.

There are three types of cable trays available:

  • Ladder-type
  • Perforated type
  • C – Type

Technical Specifications

SideFRP Pultruded 'C' , 'E' & 'I' Section
RungFRP Sq. Hollow tube/Unistrut/Flat
Length of Cable Trays2 meter, 3 meter & 6 meter
Width of Cable Trays100/150/300/450/600/750/900 (in MM)