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Aluminum Alloy Handrail

Handrails made of unique aluminium extrusions and components are available from JSK Enterprises. The modular hand rail system may be swiftly bolted and fastened together using stainless steel fasteners, allowing for preferred layouts. Its installation does not necessitate welding or the use of specific tools, as required by the site. Steel or GRP railings and walkways can also be replaced with the system. Because it’s made of an aluminium alloy, it’ll last a long time. It is made of aluminium alloy, which is light yet sturdy (1/3rd the weight of steel), maintenance-free, long-lasting (up to 2-3 decades), and attractive.


  • Maintenance free marine aluminium alloy material
  • Lightweight – around a third of the weight of comparable steel sections
  • The system can be surface mounted or placed on the side of a support structure made of any material
  • Weld-free construction removes the need for hot work
  • Handrail height can be adjusted to match specific requirements
  • A 20-year structural corrosion warranty is included
  • Extrusions have a really clean feel and finish
  • Designed in strict accordance with international design standards and authorised for use in offshore environments


  • For marine and industrial use, it’s commonly utilised for walkways, platforms, stairs, and ladders
  • Sewage/water treatment plant
  • Offshore platforms
  • Refineries of petroleum chemicals
  • Paper and pulp industry